Innovation & collaboration: Working at rail tech company Incremental

Innovation & collaboration: Working at Incremental.

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced an exciting period of growth at Incremental, with both our team and suite of solutions expanding. Founded back in 2014, our ultimate goal has been to create a better railway that works for everyone: passengers, customers and operators.

In pursuit of this goal, we have developed pioneering, data-driven technology in the transport sector to tackle key challenges that the rail industry faces. From safety to maintenance, a complex industry like rail must confront a whole number of challenges.

Our suite of solutions includes remote condition monitoring solutions, incident management solutions, mobile apps, and more.

Our working environment

As a growing business, we focus on our people and work to foster a positive, supportive work environment. For us, this means several things, from cultivating core values like innovation and collaboration, to creating a great office set-up.

Since moving into our new office in Skeldergate, close to the centre of York, we’ve worked hard to make it our own. Earlier this year, we gave the inside and outside of our office a makeover to make it more welcoming and on-brand, which you can see over on our LinkedIn.

We’ve also created new break-out areas in the office, such as our sofa area, which gives the team a comfy place for a catch-up or to hold a brainstorming session.

The working environment at Incremental is great. The office is well-decorated and an ideal size to encourage conversations across multiple teams. Events such as Wednesday Team Lunches further encourage these conversations, and have created a very harmonious, collaborative atmosphere across the company.
Luke Powley
Business Development Manager

One benefit of heading into the office each week is the chance to catch up in person and over the last few months, we’ve started up Team Lunch Wednesdays with the simple aim of getting together away from the desk and computer screen and chatting over lunch. Given we’re based in York, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, cafes, and market stalls. (Head to our Twitter for lunch updates!) Another perk of heading into the office is being able to sample the delicious baking creations that our Software Apprentice Jason brings in to share each week.

We’re excited by this dynamic office environment and also take a flexible approach. We offer remote working opportunities, promoting better work-life balance and helping our team balance work with other priorities.

Innovation & collaboration

Innovation and collaboration lie at the core of Incremental’s vision. We aim to foster these within our teams and beyond.

Innovation and collaboration are crucial values for us, guiding principles that dictate where we lend priority daily. It’s about how we cultivate relationships with our customers and across the supply chain. You can’t innovate effectively in a vacuum – collaboration is key to innovation. It all starts with open and constructive dialogue. – Johanna Whitely, Product Manager

I appreciate the flexibility - the space I am given to do my job remotely, at times that work for me. With two young daughters, this is crucial. However, I love going into the office when I can, and joining the team lunches. Incremental place importance on just being together. Being a relatively small team, we all need each other, so we need to understand what makes each other tick. At Incremental we always try to allow time for that, despite everyone being very busy.
Johanna Whiteley
Product Manager

Senior Developer Sergei echoed a similar notion when discussing innovation and collaboration:

Innovations allow us to deliver the best possible products to our customers, and it’s one of the main goals of the company. But innovations can’t be applied without a team that works as a whole. So the culture of collaboration helps us to meet challenges and do our best as a team.

We’ve collaborated with a number of fantastic innovators, including Thales, Summit Infrastructure, Sensonic, Konux, Nomad Digital and One Big Circle.

You can find out more about our exciting collaboration with Thales here, our partnership has seen innovative, award-winning product development, ISO accreditation and other fantastic opportunities.

A collaborative approach also gives us the chance to connect with other companies, which wouldn’t necessarily happen if we didn’t have that mindset. – Abigail Leathley, Finance Apprentice

Next generation of talent

We’re also keen to cultivate the next generation of talent. That’s why we offer opportunities for work experience students, apprentices and placement students.

We’re always on the lookout for exciting talent to join the team. If you have a passion for technology, are curious about how it can shape tomorrow’s transport network and want to make a real difference in people’s lives, then please head over to our careers page.

From an apprentice perspective, I appreciate the fact that I have everyone’s support when it comes to my finance studies, and they’re all willing to help where they can, no matter what department they work in.
Abigail Leathley
Finance Apprentice

Hear more from our team on why they love working at Incremental

We spoke to Johanna Whiteley, Product Manager, who has been part of the team for over one year. When asked what she enjoys most about working at Incremental, Jo responded:

“The space I am given to problem solve independently ,safe in the knowledge that support from colleagues is always available when I need it. Being able to deliver value for our customers quickly without the need for excess process – getting the job done. I love that. Regarding process though, I relish the chances I get to help build our processes, to learn lessons and implement change to ensure we work more efficiently. Being part of an SME means working smart and being agile, but also recognising the need to shore up our business processes so things work more smoothly as we grow.”

Our finance apprentice Abigail Leathley joined the team in 2022 and she “really likes the fact that we are a small but growing company and we all have great working relationships with one another.”

According to our Business Development Manager, Luke Powley, the best part of Incremental is “the close-knit nature of the company”. He said, “It’s great being able to have conversations and a laugh with anyone in the business.”

After joining Incremental over 1.5 years ago, Senior Software Developer Sergei Novodvorsky found it hard to decide on one favourite aspect of Incremental:

“There are a lot of different things I really enjoy about working at Incremental. But my favourite element is the team. Everyone is super-friendly. And answers to all the questions are found just in seconds.”
Sergei Novodorsky
Senior Software Developer

We hope you enjoyed this insight into working at Incremental. If you would be interested in learning more about how you could join our team, visit our careers page here or get in touch via