Data-Driven Performance Improvement and Precise Movement Analytics

AEGIS enables an understanding of fleet performance, not possible with any other existing technology. By integrating multiple positional data with GPS, AEGIS can identify and eliminate small sub-threshold delays that cumulatively has the biggest impact on fleet performance, network delays and Schedule 8 costs.

Using the latest location tracking technology, the AEGIS solution automates and simplifies train movement analysing which allows rail companies to easily gather fleet and network-wide analytics.



  • Train movement visualisation 
  • Aggregate by Head code/ journey/ leg/dwell/ unit 
  • SRT timing comparison 
  • TRUST data comparison 
  • TSR impact visualisation and reporting 
  • Trend analysis 
  • Performance management tooling 
  • Machine learning algorithms

Industry application

  • Single units or entire fleets
  • Full routes or defined sections
  • Specific time periods



  • Improve timetables and planning using big-data validation
  • Accelerate time-table changes with data-driven improvement proposals
  • Perform network-wide SRT validation and improvements
  • Reduce schedule 8 costs by reducing delays
  • Improve PPM
  • Improve passenger satisfaction

Technology solution

  • Create accurate and realistic timetables
  • Proven big-data scalability
  • Extract greater value from your data
  • Robust positional technology for precise total-network movement analysis
Aegis - Incremental Solutions


  • Aggregate data by Headcode, journey, leg, dwell or unit
  • Automatically compare aggregated timing data to SRTs
  • Visualise multiple train movements over time, between points, or for a particular journey
  • Compare TRUST delays with GPS movement data
  • Visualise and report on TSR impact
  • Year-on-year trend analysis
  • Report under-performing units to assist with maintenance
  • Automatic detection of station stops and pass
  • Overlay on-board data with location data to aid incident investigation
  • Requirements – HTML 5 compatible web browser.

Images are taken from AEGIS and show a selection of data visualisations.
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