Overhead Line Equipment in Real-Time

OLErt (Overhead Line Equipment in Real-Time) integrates visual measurement algorithms (from Oxford University academics) with Incremental’s analytics platforms and precise positional certainty data, to prevent OLE incidents such as pan flips, contact force and out of tolerance stagger.

By continually monitoring and evaluating train infrastructure in real-time (in this case, the Overhead Line Equipment), the system can alert users to issues as they occur and flag potential issues to enable timely preventative action.


Monitors Pantograph 
(including >100mph)

  • Height
  • Stagger
  • Contact force between pantograph and contact wire
  • Pantograph flip

Monitors other changes and influencing factors

  • Arcing
  • Vegetation
  • Crossovers


Digital Solution

  • On-board processing for real-time alerting
  • GSM data streaming for instant issue identification
  • Integration with third-party equipment

Fleet implications

  • Monitor every train in service
  • Safety improvements
  • Continuous performance stability
OLErt - Incremental Solutions


  • Real-time video analytics
    – Pantograph state
    – External anomalies
  • Real-time GPS analytics
    – Train position
    – Train speed
  • Real-time alerts
    – Immediate action
    – Incident avoidance
    – Maintenance schedule
  • Captured Data
    – Trend analysis
    – Video download
  • Requirements
    – HTML 5 compatible
    web browser.

Images are taken from OLErt and show a selection of data visualisations.
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