Making sense of a Digital Railway

Our technology provides large scale monitoring of train movements across rail networks. With fully measurable maps showing stations, junctions, passing points and signals, our products unlock a range of complex train movement information, allowing rapid analysis and evaluation of common industry performance issues, including speed restrictions, delay location identification and planning and timetable verification.

Running on industry standard software and enterprise level hardware, we provide intuitive and “simple to use” browser-based applications that enable users to quickly and easily access macro/micro level network analysis and powerful visualisation of aggregated data alongside configurable and flexible automated reporting tools.

The Incremental Vision



Explore Incremental Solutions' award winning products

Automate and simplify train movement analysis.
Trend, analyse and report common industry performance issues, including impact of speed restrictions, identification of delay locations, SRT and timetable verification.
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Real-time tracking, alerting and fleet management.
Measure performance to the second. Sentinel incorporates on-train, multi-event monitoring, reporting and alerts to highlight service issues, equipment faults and delays.
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Accelerated accident and emergency response to rail incidents.
A single source to Incident Response Teams, including emergency services, providing instant visibility and end-to-end management in real-time.
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