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We use data analytics to improve rail networks.

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SMART transportation systems

insight/visualisation/connected sensor nets

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TRANSFORMING performance measurement in rail

big data analytics/machine learning/
GPS aggregation

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Incremental systems exploit the power of vehicle data


Intuitive, cost effective, user-driven software

Advanced Technologies 
Our software systems employ Global Positioning System (GPS) and geo-spatial analysis technology
Agnostic Aggregation 
Our custom importers can consume data from any data and sensor organisation to provide a consolidated picture of vehicle performance
Deep Insights 
Using advanced machine learning, data aggregation and trending techniques, we can provide insights into vehicle performance that have historically been unachievable
Designed in partnership with our users, the systems we provide are straight-forward and provide solutions that perform exactly what our users require
We aggregate, store and process billions of data points to make sense of Big Data problems
Our software consumes multiple data channels including TRUST, passenger loading, door movements and fuel levels to provide a complete picture
Our systems provide data insights across mobile, web and desktop enterprise applications
Incremental have won several awards in recognition of the innovation and industry benefits our proven software has delivered


Explore Incremental Solutions' award-winning products.

Data-driven performance improvement and precise movement analytics.

Day-1 event and delay capture.

Real-Time Incident Management.

Overhead Line Equipment in Real Time / OLErt

Overhead Line Equipment monitoring in Real-Time.

Mobile tools which help staff and passengers.

The Incremental Team

Combining vast amounts of experience from commercial software, engineering, business management and transport network industries.

The core management team is supported by a talented number of developers, testers, administrators and other business functions.

Incremental Team

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