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Data-Driven Performance Improvement and Precise Movement Analytics

Sentinel is a fleet-wide tracking, monitoring and alerting solution that can connect staff with the state of a vehicle at the click of a button – and in real-time.

As well as real-time alerting, Sentinel highlights the impact of events on journeys and network performance and provides a unique insight into unit running and maintenance through a series of reports and dynamic visualisations.


Industry Application

  • Reduce schedule 8 costs
  • Identify and resolve subthreshold delays to 1 second
  • Measure performance against latest industry metrics including Right-Time, On-Time, Passenger Time Loss (PTL)
  • Precisely measure station dwells and delays including berth offsets, door movements and dispatch times

Data Capture

  • Accurate, auditable and automated measurement and monitoring
  • Better than GPS only systems by integrating multiple positional data sources providing total network coverage in tunnels, stations and network blackspots



  • Root-cause analysis and attribution for subthreshold delays down to 1 second
  • Resolve and attribute subthreshold delays on day 1
  • Improve overall PPM

Fleet monitoring

  • Better than rail-data-only (TRUST, systems as every position and every second tracked to giving total monitoring within berths and sections.
Sentinel - Incremental Solutions


  • Day 1 event and delay capture
  • Centralised control
    – Monitor any fleet vehicle
    – Monitor on-board systems
  • Reports and analysis
    – Targeted investigations
    – Delay attribution
    – Workflow analysis
    – PDF / Excel output
  • Requirements
    – HTML 5 compatible web browser


  • 2-way mobile to control work-flow
  • Live information capture and sharing
  • Fully integrated with Sentinel desktop application
  • Requirements
    – iOS / Android.

Images are taken from Sentinel and show a selection of data visualisations.
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