Real-Time Incident Management

By integrating innovative technology to existing systems, RAPPORT (Real-time, Accelerated Position and Protection of Rail Transport) delivers a ‘single source of truth’ to Incident Response Teams (including emergency services) and Control functions which provides instant visibility and end-to-end management of an incident from the first alert through to the service recovery phase.

RAPPORT improves response times to incidents and accurately directs the right people to the right location – increasing the effectiveness, and reducing the impact of incident recovery.


Industry Application

  • Identifies incident location to within 3m positional certainty
  • Automated emergency brake application detection
  • Incident replay function
  • Visualisation of track assets and access points
  • Resource tracking
  • Cached mapping and incident information for complete coverage
  • Mobile reporting capability for all responding agencies, including emergency services



  • Accelerates emergency response times and ETA’s to incidents
  • Enables more accurate train location awareness
  • Improves service recovery procedures
  • Mobile reporting updates all points of contact in real-time from the field


  • Reduced disruption delay
  • Improvement of voice protocols
  • Provides comprehensive reports.


  • Central coordination
  • Nearest staff/responders
  • Entry / Exit points for emergency services
  • Incident alerting
  • Resource tracking
  • Automated emergency break application detection
  • Requirements
    – HTML 5 compatible web browser


  • All responding team’s exact location is captured
  • Real-time information source
  • Image and information capture via mobile handset
  • Digitised report capturing of incidents
  • Requirements
    – iOS / Android.

Images are taken from RAPPORT and show a selection of data visualisations.
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