Real-time tracking, alerting and fleet management

Effective Fleet Management is key to the performance, efficiency and operation of the modern fleet. Incremental Solutions have developed a fleet-wide, real-time, tracking, monitoring and alerting solution that can connect staff with the state of a vehicle at the click of a button. Through its pro-active alerting and user based reporting, Sentinel enables decision makers to:
  • Monitor the location and speed of any vehicle in the fleet
  • Monitor on-board systems for faults and alerts
  • Perform targeted investigation of Delays and other workflows
Through use of dynamic visualisations, Sentinel highlights the impact of events on journeys and network performance and also provides a unique insight into unit running and maintenance. For further information on Sentinel, please contact us.

Sentinel Screenshot


  • Real-Time, fleet-wide tracking
  • Remote Condition Monitoring
  • Day 1 Event and Delay capture
  • Reduce overheads and paperwork


  • Auditable information trails
  • 2-way mobile to Control work-flow
  • Reports to PDF or Excel
  • Mobile Application integration

Sentinel Mobile Applications

Using the Sentinel mobile app, staff have a powerful way to communicate and share information about the current state of the network and fleet, adding to the live picture. For example, reporting the reason behind a delay, or that a door fault has occurred.