Accelerated accident and emergency response to rail incidents

A single information source to Incident Response Teams, including emergency services, providing instant visibility and end-to-end management in real-time.

RAPPORT uses cutting-edge technology solutions that integrate multiple forms of on-train and track asset data enabling train position, direction and speed to be determined in real-time. Through the exploitation of enhanced location information and interactive mapping, RAPPORT delivers intuitive tools with practical operational benefits for rail operators and emergency services. These include:

  • Accelerating accident and emergency response times to rail incidents
  • Providing supplementary information to signallers at Level Crossings to enable more accurate train location awareness
  • Improving service recovery procedures by presenting deeper insights into real-time delays caused by incidents
  • Mobile reporting updates all points of contact in real-time from the field including accurate ETAs for responders, uploading of on-site imagery and digitising a comprehensive report of the entire incident.
By integrating innovative technology to existing systems, RAPPORT delivers a ‘single source of truth’ to Incident Response Teams (including emergency services) and Control functions which provides  instant visibility and end-to-end management of an incident from the first alert through to the service recovery phase. For further information on RAPPORT, please contact us.


  • Incident replay function to review and analyse response
  • Track assets and access points with mobile user feedback to update asset database
  • Resource tracking
  • Cached mapping and incident information for locations with limited mobile coverage
  • Mobile reporting capability for all responding agencies, including emergency services.


  • Reduced disruption delay
  • Improvement of voice protocols
  • Identifies incident locations to within 3m positional certainty
  • Single source of truth for ALL incident report teams
  • Provides real-time view of geographical position of all responding teams (including emergency services) and their ETAs to incident location.

RAPPORT Mobile Application

With RAPPORT’s mobile application, all responding team’s exact geographic location is automatically reported to the RAPPORT system, which gives an accurate real-time ETA for emergency response units. Additionally, the mobile app allows users to upload on-site and relevant imagery which creates a comprehensive digitised report of the entire incident.