Mobile Delay Reporting

Delays have a direct impact on the performance, capacity and profitability of a Rail Network. Incremental Solutions have developed a Mobile Delay Reporting application to assist with Day 1 capture and reporting of Network Delays. By using the Mobile and Desktop Delay reporting applications, users can:
  • report delays as and when they occur
  • request additional information on reported delays
  • ask staff about delays from other sources, such as TRUST
Delay information can provide an invaluable insight for Planning and Control teams seeking to improve performance and customer satisfaction on their networks.
Delay Reporting Screenshot
right_arrow Benefits right_arrow Features
Fast, simple reporting of Delays Auditable delay reporting
Day 1 capture and feedback loop 2-way mobile to Control work-flow
Reduce overheads and paperwork Delay location and details
Process driven data capture Wireless configuration and updates