Incremental Solutions at World Congress Smart City Expo, Barcelona

Incremental Solutions recently attended the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. An amazing event showcasing the most forward-thinking organisations in the world. The Expo provided a fantastic platform for international collaboration and an opportunity to take a hand in shaping the cities and transport systems of the future. Along with Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) we showcased how Incremental can help to make transport visions a reality and what Leeds City Region has to offer the world. Check out our latest video that was displayed at the event.

AEGIS Integrates with TRUST

This week saw our latest feature set go live and we are excited to say that AEGIS now collects TRUST schedule and delay information from a variety of sources. With this data we can visualise hotspots of delay attribution on the network and map TRUST delays against actual GPS unit movements. This gives our customers a unique insight into network performance and a unique view on where their units actually lost the time that contributed to a delay.

Headcode matching goes lives

Another development for AEGIS – this week our Headcode matching feature went live allowing customers to aggregate, view and report on their units in the way they are used to – by Headcode. AEGIS now matches journeys by Headcode and with its advanced date filtering features, even if your Headcode is used for different journeys at different times, you can still limit the information displayed to the running times that you are interested in.

A new look for AEGIS GPS

The AEGIS GPS web application was given a spruce up and a revitalised look and feel this week. Along with a new themed look, which can be tailored to the customer’s colour schemes, we have tried to make some key functions and information stand-out from the back-ground of the application and hopefully make the application more intuitive to use.